you have hired the project manager - now what?

As a CIO, CTO or program manager in charge of a portfolio of IT projects, one of your most challenging times is when a new project in your charge is kicking off. It can be especially hard when you have built the case for the project in the first place because it is this moment, that often signals a change in your role.

From your perspective, you’ve nurtured the project a long way to get it started. You’ve planned, secured stakeholder support and investment, and have done what you can to recruit the team you need to implement your project. You’ve hired a project manager (PM) who specialises in agile methodologies. Together, you’ve recruited all of the resources needed for the project at this point, including software developers, IT security analysts, digital designers, and have lined up testers for quality assurance and debugging.

It’s time to let go and let the PM get on with it. The working IT project budget is in place. It’s the PM’s job to run scrums, manage scope and keep stakeholders (including you) informed of progress. The PM will handle the kick-off, onboard all of the resources, even handle some of the ongoing recruitment if you need more specialised people along the way. They will loop you in when they need to, including when it becomes apparent the project scope is likely to have a wider impact, as will happen in an agile environment.

Your role now is to sit above the day-to-day implementation, focus on new strategies and the inter-relationships between this and other IT projects within your portfolio. This can be the perfect time to take the space you need to identify new opportunities and challenges. One of the steps you can take is to connect with a specialist at FTS Resourcing to discuss trends, your future resourcing ideas and the wider context.

FTS Resourcing offers internal and external recruitment solutions across 14 specialist IT categories. Our IT resourcing consultants have the market knowledge and experience to work through extensive networks and ultimately find the right solution for your business. FTS Resourcing can help you with your strategy for this project and with all of your future projects. We have a reputation for actually helping customers define and check out the effectiveness of their IT resourcing strategies.

“This doesn’t just happen when someone is hired for a contract; it’s an ongoing process. If we have been involved in planning, when it comes time to bring in new resources or find a new solution, nothing will be missed because we’ve taken the time to get to know our customer’s business.”

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