Can't have the best Business Analyst?

If you’re really lucky, you will have a simple choice to make next time you need to hire a Business Analyst for a new project or to improve your processes.

On the one hand, you’ll have access to an experienced Business Analyst with the relevant industry background coupled with the required technical knowledge to make the transition seamless. They will have managed solutions like yours before and bring along all of that knowledge to the task. On the other hand, you’ll be looking at Plan B: to recruit an up-and-coming analyst who, you hope, has the bandwidth to grow into this crucial role.

The nature of skills shortages in this highly specialised field means that it’s far more likely you’ll be faced with a choice between two or more candidates like the latter.

The decision doesn’t always come down to the money you might save in hiring a less-experienced candidate or the trust you might have in one who has done it all before. Sometimes, you might need to choose a contractor who will require some investment in time from you.

So, how can you tell who will be worth it when you can’t hire someone who has exactly what you need from the start?

Senior Resourcing specialist at FTS Resourcing, Simon Yensen, is an expert in his field of recruiting for Project Services. With extensive networks and industry contacts, Simon is well-placed to help you select the right candidate who, even if they don’t have all of the skills you need up-front, will grow into their career-building analysis role as quickly as possible.

According to Simon, an IT candidate’s communication style can often be the key to their success. He says “it’s about the candidate’s passion for the technology or industry, their enthusiasm, their productivity and their approach. I am a believer that skills and experience can be learned and can be developed on the job, whereas the application of those skills and experience – the attitude and the character – is what helps people get it over the line.”

Simon recommends focusing on “the personal characteristics and personal traits that are required to get the job done rather than just by looking for somebody who is just a complete skill set.”

That said, like all of FTS Resourcing’s specialist IT recruiters, Simon knows how to spot technical capability from amongst his extensive IT candidate pool.

Simon works hard to completely understand the resourcing solution that you need. He relies on tried and tested methodologies to make sure he sources, screens and recommends candidates of the highest possible calibre for his customers.

Have you ever needed to hire someone with potential and they turned out to be the right fit for your business?

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