Terms of Business

The Agreement

The purpose of these Terms of Business is to communicate the agreement between FTS Resourcing PTY Ltd (FTSR) and the Customer.

Clarification of Services Provided

FTSR provides a specialised recruitment service with the aim of sourcing, screening and introducing candidates to match pre-qualified job requirements.

On engaging FTSR, a fee will be due and payable, by the Customer, should any candidate or candidate related entity introduced by FTSR, be engaged, in any capacity be it contract, temporary, permanent or through the purchase, merger or acquisition of an associated business of that candidate, within 6 months of the original introduction made by FTSR.

If a candidate introduced by FTSR is known to the Customer through any means of personal or social network (i.e. LinkedIn, Internal database etc.) and has not been approached by the Customer for this position, then the candidate will be deemed to have been introduced by FTSR with a fee due and payable as per the fee and payment terms set out in this document.

The fee for services covers, amongst other things, previous work undertaken by FTSR to establish and grow a base of specifically qualified candidates, within given fields of expertise. Where possible FTSR will present pre-screened candidates for interview selection, and will ensure that these candidates have been qualified around experience, remuneration and availability, and have been briefed in accordance with the job details provided, either verbally or in writing, by the Customer.

Should the Customer, through their own internal selection process, deem a candidate introduced by FTSR suitable for employment and subsequently extend an offer of employment to the candidate and that candidate accepts the terms of employment and commences working with the Customer, a fee for services will be due and payable as per the fee and payment terms set out in this document.

Should any candidate, introduced to the Customer by FTSR, commence employment with the Customer, within 6 months of an introduction through FTSR, and remain in employment for any period of time, including any time within the probation period, a fee for services will be due and payable as per the fee and payment terms set out in this document.

Failure to settle an invoice within the payment terms set out in this document will instantly void any guarantee or replacement commitment.

Any enquiry, request for information or interview request relating to any candidate details provided by FTSR shall be deemed as acknowledgement of these terms.

All permanent and contract-to-permanent conversion placements will be subject to a fee based on the total projected first year remuneration package of the successful candidate including base salary, superannuation, guaranteed commission or bonuses, company vehicle or car allowance as per employment contract and any other fixed employee benefit.
  • Remuneration up to $90,000 pa 15%
  • Remuneration $90,001 – $120,000 pa 18%
  • Remuneration $120,001 – $150,000 pa 22%
  • Remuneration $150,001 – $180,000 pa 25%
  • Remuneration $180,001 pa and above 30%
Where the Customer has requested FTSR to be the only recruitment agency on a retained assignment, the Permanent Placement Fee will be payable as follows:

  • 1/3 upon entry into this agreement (with the Permanent Placement Fee being based on the estimated TRP of a successful candidate (Estimated Fee));
  • 1/3 of the Estimated Fee upon submission of a short-list; and
  • 1/3 of the Permanent Placement Fee upon entry by the successful Candidate into the Employment Agreement with the Customer (with any necessary adjustment made, at this point, to the payment to take into account any difference between the Permanent Placement Fee and the Estimated Fee so that the Customer pays the balance of the Permanent Placement Fee
All hourly, daily or other specified rates quoted relating to contract placements will include candidate base rate, super contribution (if applicable), payroll tax (varied by State), Professional Indemnity & Public Liability insurance (if applicable), Workers Compensation (if applicable) and FTSR margin.
Where a candidate has been supplied by FTSR to the Customer on a contractual basis and the Customer wished to engage that candidate on a permanent basis, the Permanent Placement Fee payable will be discounted depending upon the length of time the candidate has worked for the Customer on a contractual basis.
  • Time worked on contract Percentage
  • 0 – 6 months 0%
  • 6 – 9 months 50%
  • 9 – 12 months 75%
  • 12 months + 100%
Should any appointee resign, leave of their own volition, or be terminated due to unsatisfactory performance by the Customer during the initial three months of employment, FTSR will offer the following guarantee structure on the condition that all invoices relating to the original assignment have been paid within the payment terms.

A guarantee is provided in the form of a discount redeemable against the cost of replacing the candidate through FTSR. The discount is subject to the tenure of the candidate prior to their termination and based on the original invoice value.

  • Candidate leaves within 1st month of employment 100% of the value of the original invoice
  • Candidate leaves within 2nd month of employment 50% of the value of the original invoice
  • Candidate leaves within 3rd month of employment 25% of the value of the original invoice

This guarantee does not apply to a Replacement candidate. If the Replacement Candidate is terminated for any reason; FTSR has no obligation to find another Replacement Candidate for the role. FTSR will endeavour to ensure the suitability of any candidate introduced to the Customer and to maintain a high standard of service and integrity, but FTSR makes no warranty, express or implied, as to the suitability of any applicant introduced to the Customer. Furthermore, FTSR shall not be liable for any loss, liability, damage, delay, costs, claims or expenses suffered or incurred by the Customer arising from, or concerned with, the recruitment or engagement of any candidate by FTSR, howsoever arising.

In an instance where a FTSR employee is approached and subsequently engaged by the Customer in a contract, temporary or full-time permanent position a flat fee of $20,000 will be payable.
Invoices are issued on candidate’s first day of employment and are payable within fourteen (14) days.
All invoices are subject to Goods & Services Tax.
It is agreed that FTSR will not reveal any information provided by the customer in the course of the provision of services and which is identified as confidential or by its nature is clearly intended to be confidential.
Any adjustments or revisions made to these terms will be made as an addendum. The addendum will be provided as a separate document and will require signature authorization from a representative of FTSR and the Customer.