Everyone agrees: cloud computing is the future. If this is the case, why are so many CIOs still holding back?

According to a recent report by Gartner (cited on lifehacker.com.au), Australian businesses will invest around $5.6 billion in cloud computing during 2016, up 14% over the previous year. Surprisingly, the majority of investment is not directed at actual deployment. Instead, organisations continue to focus on planning for the cloud with questions around governance, which model to go with (private vs. public vs. hybrid) and how to handle IT security.

A further barrier is likely to be a perceived lack of local talent. FTS Resourcing’s senior consultant in cloud and virtualization solutions, Claire O’Dwyer, explains that her customers often search for very specific skill sets – people with the first-hand experience of the platforms they’ve chosen to implement. She says, “a list of specific skills is an important starting point but when you fail to find that in one person, mostly because the field is advancing so quickly, it can really help to drill down into the underlying qualities and foundational skills that will give you the best quality hire.”

Claire is in embedded in the industry and knows the candidate market. She successfully sources people who have the passion, flexibility and drive to learn what they need to know and do what they need to do to ensure you have the best cloud solution. Claire’s extensive networks stretch across the major players in cloud and virtualization, including VMWare, so she is well placed to advise on candidates who will excel in these specialised IT roles. She says, “the most successful hires happen with people who truly embrace the opportunity to learn; they don’t just work nine-to-five and go home. They build their skills, including in their own time, and have a real passion for the technology and the products.”

Claire believes that the decision makers who embrace this opportunity to find new talent will be best placed to succeed when the time to implement their cloud solution arrives. She says, “with that opportunity is also a risk that you will waste time and money on the wrong hire. That can have devastating results and set an implementation back.”

At FTS Resourcing, we rely on a quality approach to everything we do and, as a trusted advisor to individuals and businesses, focus on reducing the time and money wasted during the recruitment process. We have built a reputation for matching the right person with the right opportunity and for providing insight and market knowledge around specific technology and job functions.

Where are you at when it comes to cloud? Ready to implement or still at the planning stage?

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